Trademark Registration in Dubai

Trademark registration in Dubai is a crucial step for businesses looking to protect their brand identity and intellectual property rights in the region. At Vista Corporate Group, we offer comprehensive trademark registration services tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses operating in Dubai. Our expert team guides clients through the entire trademark registration process, from conducting trademark searches and filing applications to liaising with relevant authorities and handling any challenges that may arise.

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Trademark registration in UAE is a vital legal process for safeguarding intellectual property rights and brand identity. It grants exclusive rights to the trademark owner, protecting against unauthorized use or infringement by others. At Vista Corporate Group, we offer comprehensive trademark registration services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses operating in the UAE. Our experienced team assists clients throughout the entire registration process, from conducting thorough trademark searches to filing applications and navigating regulatory requirements

Benefits of Trademark Registration in Dubai

Legal Protection

Registering a trademark provides legal ownership and exclusive rights to use the mark, protecting it from unauthorized use by competitors.

Brand Recognition

A registered trademark distinguishes a business's products or services from others in the market, helping to build brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Prevents Infringement

Trademark registration enables businesses to take legal action against individuals or entities that attempt to use a similar mark, preventing brand dilution and infringement.

Asset Value

A registered trademark is a valuable business asset that can be licensed, franchised, or sold, generating additional revenue streams and enhancing the company's overall value.

Global Protection

Trademark registration in Dubai provides protection within the UAE and can also serve as a basis for obtaining protection in other countries through international treaties and agreements.

Consumer Trust

A registered trademark instills confidence in consumers, signaling professionalism, authenticity, and quality associated with the brand.

Registered trademark owners have the right to enforce their trademark through legal proceedings, including seeking damages and injunctions against infringers.

Process of Trademark Registration in Dubai

Trademark Registration Process in Dubai

Trademark Search

It's not required but recommended to check for similar trademarks before applying.

Filing the Application

Trademark agents apply with the Trademark office after searching. Note: Foreign companies/individuals need approved trademark agents in the UAE.

Application Examination

The Trademark office examines the application following UAE trademark law.

Acceptance or Rejection Order

The Trademark office issues an order accepting or rejecting the application.

Publication in Local Newspapers

If accepted, the trademark is published in two local Arabic newspapers within 30 days. Official fees for publication are paid at this time.

Opposition Period

There's a 30-day period for legal opposition starting after the trademark is published.

Final Registration Fees Time Frame

If no opposition occurs within the legal time frame, the application is ready for final registration fees. No special notification is given; the deadline for payment is 30 days.

Registration Certificate

Upon paying the final registration fees, the trademark office. The certificate is valid for 10 years from the application filing date.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration in UAE

  • A form to apply for trademark registration.
  • A sample of your trademark design, which includes your brand name.
  • Proof of payment of the official fees.
  • Your trading license.
  • A document giving someone the authority to act on your behalf (power of attorney).
  • A list specifying the goods and services you want to protect.
  • The ID or passport of the person signing the application.
  • Contact details for the person applying.

Cost of Trademark Registration

Registering a trademark in the UAE costs AED 7,306. This covers fees for the application form, publishing in the Trademark Journal and two local newspapers, and the actual Trademark Registration Certificate.  Let our team help you protect your brand today!


You can use one trademark for multiple classes of products or services. For this you need to get registered with a multi class trademark.

In Dubai a Trademark needs to be registered with the Ministry of Economy. We at Vista Business Setup help you registering your trademark.

Trademark in PDF format, Scanned copy of Trade License, Scanned copy of the passport of the authorized signatory and Power of Attorney (in case of its company) are the documents required for trademark registration.

The approximate cost of registering a trademark in Dubai is AED 7306.

International businesses are allowed to register their trademark in Dubai.

There is no specific time line. In some cases it may take upto 90 days for the process to be completed. Our team of experts will help to get the process completed as early as possible.

Yes, Business can be started as soon as you receive the license while you have applied for trademark registration.