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Get your business's potential with a hassle free company setup in Dubai Freezones through Vista Business Setup. Avail benefits of Dubai Freezones including 100% ownership and the freedom to take home all your profits with other tax advantages.

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Business Licenses Available in UAE Freezone

Commercial License

With Vista Business Setup, obtaining a commercial license in Dubai is a clear and straightforward path. We facilitate the entire process, from paperwork to compliance, so you can legally operate your trading or retail business with peace of mind. Read More

Professional License

Elevate your professional services in Dubai with a specialized license through Vista Business Setup. We simplify the process of your professional license, ensuring you that can offer your consultancy, IT, or creative expertise within Dubai's thriving business ecosystem legally and efficiently. Read More

Tourism License

A tourism license in Dubai offers credibility and legal recognition, guaranteeing a seamless journey for both operators and travelers. Whether you're offering guided tours, desert safaris, or adventure excursions, obtaining a tourism license demonstrates your commitment to quality and compliance with local regulations. Read More

Industrial License

Setting up an industrial business in Dubai requires a strategic approach, and obtaining a manufacturing license is a crucial step. Vista Business Setup is your expert guide through this essential phase, ensuring your operations meet all regulatory requirements with ease. Read More

Benefits of Setting up a Company In UAE Freezone

Setting up a company in UAE Freezones offers benefits for budding businesses. With Vista Business Setup you can start your business with the following benefits:

100% ownership

If you're a foreign investor, you can own your company entirely. You can keep all your earnings and send profits back to your home country.

No income tax

Freezone businesses don't have to pay income tax. However, if your company makes most of its money outside the UAE, or from other freezones and your earning is less than AED 375,000 in profits, you won't have to pay corporate tax either.

No import or export fees

Free Zone companies don't need to pay fees when they import or export goods. This makes it easier to trade internationally.

Modern technology and facilities

Freezones have top-notch technology and facilities. Starting a business in freezone can be cost-effective, especially for small and large companies.

Easy license application process

Enjoy the streamlined process and minimal bureaucratic hurdles, making it incredibly easy to establish your business in these thriving economic zones.

Process of Company Setup in Dubai Freezone

Start your business in Dubai Freezone with a simple and well-organized process that's designed to help you succeed.
Choose the Right Location

Depending on your business you have to select the right one that align with your activities.

Choose your Business Name

Choose a company name that follows the Free Zone's naming rules.

Prepare Your Documents

You have to make your documents ready including passport copies of company owners and directors, the Free Zone's application form, and a business plan (if needed).

Apply for a Business License

Depending on your business activities, you have to apply for a specific license, like trading, service, tourism, or industrial license.

Select an Office Space

Freezones allow you to select an office space, whether it's a physical office, warehouse, or a flexi-desk in a selected free trade zones.


Pay the necessary fees, including a one-time registration fee, annual license fee, and office rent.

Apply For a Residence Visa

If you or your employees plan to stay in Dubai, you have to get a residence visa through Freezone.

Open a Corporate Bank Account

Open a business bank account with a local bank once you have all your documents and licenses in order.

Documents Required for Setting Up a Business in UAE Freezone

These are the documents required for setting up a company in UAE Freezones:

  • Application license form
  • Passport copies of the partners and business managers
  • Passport size photograph
  • Business name
  • Attested copy of the registration certificate, incorporation certificate, and MOA(Memorandum of Association) and AOA (Articles of Association)
  • Original Board Resolution for the financial commitment of the branch
  • Passport copy of the shareholder
  • NOC for UAE Residents (for specific Free Zones)

Key Locations For Setting Up A Company In Dubai Freezone

The UAE has around 50 different Freezones, and each one is suitable for different businesses activities. Free Trade zones also have their own rules and unique features. The key Location for setting up a company in the Dubai Free Zone are:



International Free Zone Authority (IFZA)

IFZA is a rapidly growing Free Zone offering cost-effective solutions for a wide range of businesses, especially e-commerce and trading companies.

Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA)

Located near the airport, DAFZA is ideal for businesses involved in aviation, logistics, and related industries, providing easy access to air transport facilities.

Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA)

JAFZA is one of the oldest and largest Free Zones in Dubai, accommodating diverse industries and offering extensive facilities for businesses of all sizes.

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA)

Specializing in technology and innovation, DSOA provides a supportive environment for tech startups and companies in the IT sector.

Meydan Free Zone (MFZ)

MFZ is known for its focus on the equestrian and sports industry, offering tailored solutions for companies involved in sports, leisure, and related activities.

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)

DIFC serves as a major financial hub in the region, attracting financial and professional services firms with a well-regulated and globally recognized environment.

Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC)

DMCC is a leading Freezone, particularly renowned for its specialization in the trade of precious metals and commodities, making it a prime choice for businesses in these sectors.

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Our Freezone business setup packages offer a seamless pathway for your journey to success

Ready to embark on your business setup in UAE Freezone? We’ve got you covered! Our tailored company setup packages in freezones are your all-in-one solution to navigating Dubai’s bustling market. From handling intricate legalities to securing the perfect location, our comprehensive packages ensure you’re well-equipped for success.

Free Zone

AED 11, 999*

  • Business License and MOA
  • 1 Free Residence Visa
  • Emirates ID & Biometrics
  • Multiple Business Activities
  • Flexi Desk & E-channel
  • PO Box Number
  • Business Bank Account
Free Zone - Dubai

AED 12, 999*

  • Upto 30% discount for multi-year license licenses
  • Lease agreement for opening bank account
  • 3 Business activities
  • Dubai Address with PO. Box
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Corporate Bank Opening assistance
Freezone - UAE

AED 5, 500*

  • Up to 5 shareholders under one license
  • Choose up to 4 Business activities
  • Business License
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Lease Agreement
  • Certificate of Formation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Free Zones in UAE are special areas with their own rules, controlled by the Free Zone Authority. They offer advantages including 100% foreign ownership and tax-free status for businesses. A Freezone company can only operate within the Freezone and can't do business in the rest of the UAE.

Types of business licenses in the Dubai freezone include trading, service, industrial, and e-commerce licenses, among others.

To choose the right legal structure for your company in Dubai Freezone, you can consider factors like your business activities, ownership, and location.

Yes, having office space is often mandatory to set up a Dubai free zone company, but some freezones offer virtual office options.

Yes, foreign nationals can fully own a Dubai Freezone company without the need for a local sponsor.

Required documents to set up a company in the Dubai free zone include passport copies, business plans, and application forms.

The cost to set up a Dubai free zone company varies by Freezone, but it usually includes license fees and office space rent. The approximate cost of establishing a Dubai Freezone company is AED 11,900

The process of getting a business license in the Dubai free zone involves selecting a Freezone, applying, and fulfilling document requirements.

The number of visas you can apply for your Dubai free zone company depends on the type of license and office space you have.

Ongoing compliance requirements for a Dubai free zone company include renewing licenses but it is required to submit the audit to the concerned authority before the license renewal, submitting financial reports, and complying with Freezone rules and regulations.